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So I found this on Young People in Love and Sam wanted to make a little game out of it and asked people to participate! So of course, I thought I would!


It’s hard for me to not feel lazy when I can’t wake up in the morning! I love love love my sleep!

I’m reminded of how much I love my husband when I come home and he has done the dishes and some cleaning!

I feel self-conscious when my face breaks out (like right now!) even though I am sure no one really cares!

I am mildly dishonest when I tell my husband when I wake up. He thinks I sleep too much, I try to make it not look as bad!

I can’t imagine a world without my husband or little munchkins!

I’m surprised that I still fit into clothes from middle school!

I get a little too easily wrapped up in baking and cooking products!

I indulge in guilty pleasures like watching a whole season of Everwood in two days!

I wish all things in life were as wonderful as a molten chocolate lava cake!

Go visit Young People in Love and play along!



New Years Resolutions

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I will admit I am terrible about making and keeping New Years Resolutions.

I always make a few but it is like by the end of the week I totally forget about them.

I thought this year it would be nice to write them down on the blog and that would kind of hold me accountable. Also I think it would be nice to post them somewhere in my room that I will see everyday!

Source: via Carol on Pinterest


My New Years Resolutions

DRINK MORE WATER – I drink way too much soda. I need to drink more water and hopefully I will start feeling better, feeling healthier!

MAKE EXERCISE A HABIT – I have not exercised in probably over a year. It started because I had very bad asthma problems and would get out of breath washing my hair or getting undressed or walking up the stairs. It has made me extremely lazy, that needs to change!

GET MY SLEEP UNDER CONTROL – I sleep WAY too much!  I can go to sleep at 10 p.m. and still sleep until noon! It is so hard for me to force myself to get up! And it seems no matter how much sleep I get I am always tired. I am hoping that drinking more water and exercising will help accomplish this goal as well!

START TAKING MY FUTURE INTO MY OWN HANDS – I feel like I have been coasting, and it feels terrible. Between health problems, sleep problems and just stress in general I feel I have been letting my life pass me by. So many successful people make it on only 4-5 hours of sleep a night. Now I don’t think I could do that, but I do think I can use less than what I am getting! I plan on doing whatever it takes this year to start moving my life in the right direction!

TREAT THE BLOG AS A JOB – I totally neglected my blog this past month. There was a lot of things that interfered but I feel I still could have managed a substantial post here or there. Since I want to eventually freelance and work for an online magazine I need to use this blog as a platform to get my name out there. I will not change what I blog about and I will still be me but I plan to keep up with consistent posts.

DO NOT TAKE THINGS SO SERIOUSLY – I overreact over little things. I have been getting better but I still need to learn to go with the flow a little bit!


What are your new years resolutions?


Ask Me Anything Answers

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So awhile ago I asked my readers to ask me anything and I said I would answer it in a vlog. Well I think I am just going to answer them now, no vlog.

So here we go!

  1. What is your favorite color?
    I have a couple! I love pink, purple, and teal!
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  2. What kind of car do you drive?
    I drive a Ford Focus!
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  3. What is the best vacation you have ever been on?
    It is a toss up! I would have to say my graduation trip to Disney World with my best friend Jaime and then my honeymoon in Jamaica.
    Disney World June 2006 049
  4. If you could be a superhero, what would your name be and what would your powers would you have?
    This is a tough one! I honestly don’t know what my name would be, but I would love to fly!
  5. What is the best thing your husband has ever done for you?
    That is a tough one! I would have to say it was our first Valentine’s day together and we went to his family’s condo in Palm Desert. While the boys went golfing the boys treated us to a massage! It was great! Such a nice way to relax before dinner and a concert later that night!
  6. If you could live anywhere, where would it be?
    I would love to live in New York. Not forever, but I would love to experience the city! I regret not trying to go to school out there!
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  7. Are you a morning or night person?
    I am definitely a night owl!
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  8. What’s your biggest fear?
    My biggest fear is losing the people I love!
  9. What’s your favorite season and why?
    I love all the seasons! I love Winter because of all the snow and cold weather, I love Spring because of all the blooming flowers, I love Summer because of the heat and bikinis, and I love Fall because of all the holidays!
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  10. Do you want to have kids and what would their names be?
    I want to have 3 kids! I would like to have 2 girls and 1 boy but really I just want to be blessed with happy and healthy children!
    I like the names Spenser, Andi, Miley, Maddie, and Zoey for girl names.
    I like Aiden, Topher, and Cohen for boy names, but my husband likes Darren for a boys name.
  11. How did your husband propose?
    It was on our 11th month anniversary. He called me to come down from my apartment, when I got down stairs he was standing in front of a limo with pink roses (my favorite color). When we got in the limo he had chocolate covered strawberries and my favorite drink. Then he got down on one knee and proposed. I asked if he was kidding. And of course I said YES!!
  12. What is your greatest obstacle you have had to overcome?
    I have to say that it is a continuing obstacle. It would be my asthma. No matter how hard I try to live my life it always sneaks it way back it. It affects school more than I would like but I am trying to push through. I just hate looking like I am lying when I have to tell a teacher why I was absent. Some are awesome, others give me a look like they could care less and I am lying. Really sucks!
  13. What’s #1 on your bucket list?
    I want to travel to Italy. My mom is Italian and used to live there when she was younger. I would also love to take a cooking class when I am there!
  14. Have you tried to conquer any of your fears? If so, did it help?
    I have not, well on purpose anyways. I am afraid of the dark, and with Photography I have to go in the darkroom to transfer film before I develop it and it is PITCH BLACK. It hasn’t helped but it hasn’t hurt either!

I want to thank Holly from Perfectly Imperfect and Jules from My Rambles for the great questions!



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I am so excited that today is Thanksgiving!

I have cooking my very first Thanksgiving dinner. It is only Scott and I this year but I am still excited.

I am making a turkey, garlic mashed potatoes, string bean casserole, cream corn, stuffing, and cranberry sauce all from SCRATCH!

In fact, the turkey is already in the brine!

And I have already baked a Cherry Apple Pie and Pumpkin Bread!

If the recipes turn out ok I will be sharing them with you all!

I would also like to share what I am thankful for this year:


My Amazing Husband Scott


The Best Two Kitties in the World: Max and Rocky

Lindsey & Scott Leitner Wedding (602 of 1014)

My Family

Lindsey & Scott Leitner Wedding (208 of 1014)

My Friends: Penni, Jaime, and Tasha (who is not in the picture)

What are you thankful for this year?


Time Travel

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I don’t usually link up with For The Love of Blogs but I have decided to this week. The topic this week is “If you could travel back in time it would be…”.

If I could travel back in time I would love to live in the days of Jane Austen. And live in Britain. My all time favorite movie I think is Pride and Prejudice. I could always see myself being like Elizabeth Bennet.

I kind of feel most girls say that. I think Elizabeth Bennet is such a fantastic character and such a role model for girls.

Plus who doesn’t love a great love story!

My favorite version of the movie is the one with Keira Knightley. If you have not seen it I would definitely recommend it!

This is one of my all time favorite scenes. You need to turn it up in order to hear them talk because the rain is really loud.


Cydnee Maree

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My sister has decided to start a blog about her artwork and journey through art school.

She is just starting out but has already posted some great pictures!

She really is so talented and is planning on opening an Etsy shop with some art work in the very near future!

Go check it out at Cydnee Maree!


Pumpkin Patch

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Yesterday my husband and I met my mom, Anthony (my mom’s fiancé), and Cydnee (my sister) at the pumpkin patch!

We went to Mile High Farms in Colorado. It had hay rides, mazes, petting zoo, and a pumpkin patch. Plus at night it turns haunted! We of course went during the day as I am terrified!

Unfortunately, most of the pumpkins had been destroyed by the snow storm we had so the picking was very slim. We were able to find a couple pumpkins but they were tiny. It was still so much fun as back in Southern California the pumpkin patch is in the mall parking lot!

As you can see the pumpkin is rotting but that grasshopper was HUGE!

The family with our pumpkins!

I had my film camera since I was practicing taking depth of field pictures for class!

A horse with a mustache!


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