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New Years Resolutions

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I will admit I am terrible about making and keeping New Years Resolutions.

I always make a few but it is like by the end of the week I totally forget about them.

I thought this year it would be nice to write them down on the blog and that would kind of hold me accountable. Also I think it would be nice to post them somewhere in my room that I will see everyday!

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My New Years Resolutions

DRINK MORE WATER – I drink way too much soda. I need to drink more water and hopefully I will start feeling better, feeling healthier!

MAKE EXERCISE A HABIT – I have not exercised in probably over a year. It started because I had very bad asthma problems and would get out of breath washing my hair or getting undressed or walking up the stairs. It has made me extremely lazy, that needs to change!

GET MY SLEEP UNDER CONTROL – I sleep WAY too much!  I can go to sleep at 10 p.m. and still sleep until noon! It is so hard for me to force myself to get up! And it seems no matter how much sleep I get I am always tired. I am hoping that drinking more water and exercising will help accomplish this goal as well!

START TAKING MY FUTURE INTO MY OWN HANDS – I feel like I have been coasting, and it feels terrible. Between health problems, sleep problems and just stress in general I feel I have been letting my life pass me by. So many successful people make it on only 4-5 hours of sleep a night. Now I don’t think I could do that, but I do think I can use less than what I am getting! I plan on doing whatever it takes this year to start moving my life in the right direction!

TREAT THE BLOG AS A JOB – I totally neglected my blog this past month. There was a lot of things that interfered but I feel I still could have managed a substantial post here or there. Since I want to eventually freelance and work for an online magazine I need to use this blog as a platform to get my name out there. I will not change what I blog about and I will still be me but I plan to keep up with consistent posts.

DO NOT TAKE THINGS SO SERIOUSLY – I overreact over little things. I have been getting better but I still need to learn to go with the flow a little bit!


What are your new years resolutions?



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