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Black Friday Etsy Shopping Guide

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I am going to put together a list of shops that are offering some Black Friday sales!

You may be confused as I said I don’t really understand Black Friday sales with people standing outside all night and getting stomped on, but shopping from the comfort of my own home is a TOTALLY different story!

So here we go!

Barberry and Lace
30% off with code BLACK302011
Sells handmade, vintage inspired jewelry such as this amazing owl ring!


Jaime B. Designs: Think Pretty
30% off with code GOBBLE
Sells necklaces, bracelets, earrings and hair pretties such as the one below!


Enticing Treats
45% off with code BLKFRIDAY
Sells handmade accessories such as this headband!


20% off with code BLACKFRIDAY11
Sells craft and jewelry supplies such as these mix and match pendant trays with interchangeable glass!


QiQi Gallery
20% off with code QIQIBLACKFRIDAY11
Sells amazing Original Contemporary Abstract Paintings such as this amazing painting of a tree!


Offering reduced prices
Sells Contemporary Art Paintings such as the one below!


Happy shopping!

Visit CASEY (CaseyLeigh),  DANIELLE (Changing Lanes), KATE (Scathingly Brilliant) or JANEL (Run with Scissors) to participate in a Merry Indie Christmas!



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