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Kate Voegele Concert

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I may have mentioned before that Kate Voegele is probably my favorite artist.

So when I saw she tweeted that she was closing in on Denver on Wednesday night I got curious and looked at tour dates.

And to my happy surprise she was opening for Parachute on Thursday night!

So I called my sister and she was able to miss class (bad influence I know) so I bought tickets and I even bought VIP tickets which got us both all her albums as digital copies, an EP album, 3 signed guitar picks, a bracelet, a t-shirt of our choice, a meet and greet, and watch her so sound check.

It was totally worth the extra money as the tickets we so cheap to begin with and we were the only two who bought them for this date. She just started offering them so I don’t think many people knew!

It was a blast! We did not end up staying for Parachute because we were starving and our backs were hurting from standing so long with our heavy purses! Plus we don’t know who Parachute is anyways.

Here are two videos. The first one is from the concert we went to on Thursday and the second one is from the concert I went to in July.

It was amazing to see her twice in one year! And on different tours so it was a completely different show!

Kate Voegele – Forever and Almost Always
Kate Voegele – Sandcastles

Does she look familiar? She is on One Tree Hill as Mia!



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  1. Omgosh I'm so jealous! I LOVE Kate Voegele and had to miss her when she was touring in Seattle!


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