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Taylor Swift Concert

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On August 23 I went to a Taylor Swift concert with my best friend Jaime.

We had a blast!

I should have been at school that day since it was well the SECOND DAY, but I had bought the tickets in OCTOBER! OCTOBER!!!

So my day started with waking up early and getting dropped off at the airport, yes you heard me right! Even the fact that I had moved to Denver would not stop me from seeing Miss Swift!

Then I met my friend Jaime at her house and we went to Subway for lunch and then we headed to the Staples Center in LA.

We arrive probably right around noon I would say!


Then the waiting began! We were hoping that at some point we would see her before the concert, but no luck!

We did see her mom, dad, band mates, as well as Josh Kelley, who was her opening act.

Then the time came and we went all the way up to our seats! We were in the nosebleeds! But so excited to be there!


Our View from the Nosebleeds with Zoom!

Well Jaime befriend the security guard because she was feeling queasy from all the sun, and he totally came through for us!

We totally freaked!

The concert was amazing! Here are some pictures!

Me totally burned from staying out in the sun with no sunscreen for 7 HOURS!!!






Special guest: Justin Bieber (All the little girls screamed!!!)






The concert was seriously AMAZING!! And I was so happy to share the experience with Jaime.

Yes we are both over 20 years old (Me: 23 Her: 24) and yes we LOVE TAYLOR SWIFT and yes we are PROUD of it!



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  1. LUCKY! I've always wanted to go to one of her concerts but it just hasn't happened yet… looks so amazing now I'm REALLY itching to go, hahah


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