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Too Many Ideas, Not Enough Self Discipline

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I have come to a conclusion today! I totally lack self discipline!


So I guess that is the reason I can never pull myself out of bed to go to school! I will admit I do have terrible asthma and allergies and it does affect my sleeping habits but I am beginning to think I am letting it control me instead of having the self disciple to control it!

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I always have all these ideas of what I want to accomplish, yet I seem to accomplish none of them!

I know I can accomplish anything I put my mind to, but I need the self discipline to actually do so!

I guess this is the reason I have switched my major FIVE times, been in school going on 6 years, and still no degree to show for it!

So I am taking it upon myself to create a 101 in 1001 list and stick to it!

I am making a COMMITMENT to myself and me readers. I hope if I make myself accountable to someone else it will help me stick to the plan!


Do you ever wrestle with self disciple? How do you overcome it?



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  1. you and me both, girl!! some mornings I call in sick at work, just to stay in bed longer. hahaha. horrible, I know!


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