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I thought since I just did a post on the boys in my life I should do one of the girls in my life. I consider these three girls my best friends!

PENNI and I have been best friends for 12 years now! I am going to have to do a post of old pictures of us for a little blast from the past! I would be lost without her!

We have has our ups and downs but in the end we love each other and that will never change!

She was my Maid of Honor in my wedding and I can’t wait to be it in hers!

She just recently got engaged!

JAIME and I were on our High School Dance Team together! We have known each other 9 years now! Time really flies!

Disneyland and concerts are totally OUR thing!

We have laughed, cried, and put ourselves through physical pain for Taylor Swift! LOL

And so excited to see her get married this January!

TASHA and I have known each other for probably almost 15 years. We used to play soccer together!

We went through a rough patch in 8th grade over something I do not even remember and just recently reconnected!

I was beyond happy when she asked me to be in her wedding! I was BALLING because I was so happy for her!


I am TRULY BLESSED with the girls in my life! I love all of our crazy times together. And we definitely have so many memories that I will never forget!



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  1. Best friends are so awesome 🙂 I should do a post on this, too!! I recently posted about my bff but I have quite a few others I should post about too.

  2. always good to reconnect with old friends. Us girls are so silly in how we sometimes 'throw away' a friendship over something so small!! I love your bridesmaid dresses, btw!

  3. Sweet post. True friends are definitely worth their weight in gold!~


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