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Getting Geeky: Post Your RSS Feed to Twitter

A lot of bloggers like to use twitter to reach more readers. I am one of them. And I love finding new people with similar interests as me on Twitter. I figured a great way to accomplish both would be to automatically send my RSS Feed to my twitter account.

I had tried to remember to do it every time I posted but then I was out of luck for scheduled posts. So the little nerd in me decided to do some research and figure it out! And I am going to share it with you!

I access Google FeedBurner from my Blogger account by selecting Account Settings.

I am brought to My Account Page and from there I select FeedBurner. If you do not currently have FeedBurner then you can go to and sign up.

After signing in (if signed into Blogger this step is skipped), I appear at the home page. From here I click my blog which in this case is Lindseys and Wildflowers.

Then navigate to the Publicize tab, and click on the Socialize Tab. From here you can Add a Twitter Account.

Once it is added you can customize your options to your liking! You can decide between just posting the title, the body, or both, as well as creating hash tags from the posts tags.

I feel this is such an easy way of promoting your blog without even thinking about it! The whole process took only a few minutes and now I no longer have to remember to do individual tweets for each post!



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