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Getting Geeky: Photoshop Resolution

I have wanted to open an Etsy shop for the longest time. In fact, I am in the beginning stages to do so. The focus will be on Photoshop Templates for digital scrapbookers, photographers, and personal printing of invitations, business cards, and so on. I am still in the research stage but I am about to start production!

Well in my search for knowledge I discovered – what I think is – a very important topic! For those of you who use Photoshop I am sure you have looked at the RESOLUTION box when creating a new file and just did not understand what exactly it did. I was the same way!

So here are the basics for creating your file (which I learned from Adobe Press):

Half Tone Output – Reproducing the Image on a Printing Press

A printing press creates a bunch of dots in order to recreate the image. The important number you need to know is the line screen. Once you know the line screen, you just double it and you have reached your resolution!

Continuous Tone Output – Printing on an Inkjet Printer (what most people will be doing)

Most inkjet printers print between 240 dpi (dots per inch) to 360 dpi. So a resolution of 300 is a safe bet. It is the resolution that all my products will be in.

Digital Output – Computer Screen, Phone, etc.

Since resolution only matters when you are printing, it does not matter what the resolution is at all. All that matters is you change the dimensions from inches to pixels. And you create the image the size of the screen or smaller if you wish.

I hoped that this cleared up the confusion about Resolution when working in Photoshop. As I learn more important tips, tricks, and information I will do more posts. This way we can all become a little geeky!



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  1. I just wish this stuff made sense to me!! haha.


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