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Everyone starts a blog for a different reason, whether it is to get your words and ideas out there or to feel important by receiving comments or just to meet new people. Even more than that everyone starts a blog with a different topic in mind, whether it is food, fashion, interior design, politics, photography, or personal. So I am sure you are wondering why exactly I started this blog and what qualifications I have to be blogging about my topics.

I would like to start off by why I started this blog. In May 2011 I started a blog called Surprisingly Sweet. At that point I had seen so many people who had made a career out of it or who got all this free stuff or who got invited to such awesome events, and I will be honest that was in the back of my mind. I thought to myself I could do that. I thought wouldn’t it be nice to be able to make money off my blog and not have to work while I finish school.

Well that idea quickly disappeared from my mind. I realized the greater potential of creating my own blog. I found out it gave me a place to express myself, a place to make friends, and a place for my creative outlet. Now four months later, I decided to create a new blog. So Lindseys and Wildflowers was created. I feel the name is more unique and will allow for more growth than Surprisingly Sweet.

The topics I am going to blog about include Design, Fashion, Food, My Life, Style, and simply All Things Pretty. I am a person who has so many thoughts going on in her head that I could not settle on just one topic. I guess the blog will be considered a Lifestyle blog.

What credentials do I have on the topics I will be blogging about? Well, none exactly. I will share things from my own experiences and from my own (growing) personal style and just things I find relevant that I believe my audience will too. I don’t have a fashion degree, I don’t have a culinary degree (all though I wish, and maybe someday), and I am by no means an expert at anything. But I feel that will make my blog unique. I find it is our daily experiences, troubles, failures, and beautiful accidents that make us who we are. It makes us unique!

Everything I post on this blog will be something I am interested in. I want to share with you my journey through life, creating my own personal style, expanding my culinary knowledge, finding new things I love, and I am excited to get to know each and every one of you!

Now that I have given a more detailed introduction, I pose a question for you! What is “your story”?



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  1. How awesome! I started my blog because I wanted a way to keep track of my 101 Things list, but it's become so much more than that. I like to connect with others across the country and get/give advice. I had a Xanga blog a few years ago for a long time that I used to connect with military spouses and gf's because I had been dating a guy in the military at the time, but this blog is totally not about that and I love it 🙂


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