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I am currently taking a Photography class at school. We were required to have a 35 mm film fully manual camera. And I was beyond excited to buy one! This week we had our first assignment and we learned how to develop film today. I cannot wait to do more.

We have been given an assignment to bring a Photo Book into class in two weeks that is filled with wonderful black and white pictures (as we will be shooting in black and white). So I have started looking around the web for some ideas.

Here is a beautiful photograph of Tenaya Lake, Clouds, Afternoon, Yosemite National Park 2009 by John Sexton. I hope one day I learn to take just as stunning pictures!



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  1. wow! that really is a beautiful photo! btw- I didn't know they still made cameras with film! haha. I'm glad they do. not all beautiful pictures should be digital and edited…

  2. Great picture!Did you create a new blog?? Just checking πŸ™‚

  3. Holly I did actually. Wanted to go in a different direction since I am now a Journalism major. Wanted something with a not so cutsy name and my husband said it sounded like an inappropriate name if you get where I am going with it. πŸ™‚


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