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The Sweetest Thing – Floral

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I have been browsing a lot of shops lately and I have discovered that there is a lot of floral lately and I actually really like it! I have picked some floral finds that I think would be really cute!

The Sweetest Thing - Floral

1. A-floral-able Dress from Mod Cloth
2. Floral Chiffon Tank from Delia’s
3. Gardenia Chiffon from Alloy
4. Basketweave Fedora w/ Floral Trim from Forever 21
5. Floral Rosette Hairclips from Forever21
6. AE Lace-Trimmed Floral Cami from American Eagle
7. BP “Bowtye” Sandal from Nordstrom
8. Spring Street Design Group Cutout Rose Bracelet from Nordstrom
9. Angie Romper, Strapless Straight Floral Printed from Macy’s

What is your take on Floral?



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