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I have noticed this going through the blog world lately and I thought I would do it as well! I am going to give credit to Jennifer at Perfectly Imperfect since this was the first blog I saw it on.

I am… a girl just trying to find my way in this crazy life!

I want… to start at my new school because I am excited about my switch to Journalism.

I have… two little munchkins named Rocky and Max who each have their own post!

I wish… I had more hours in the day!

I hate… fighting with my sister, but some things she just can’t take back and I just can’t forgive.

I fear… that I won’t be able to have children.

I hear… that you should live each day that it is your last, I really should start doing that!

I search… Pinterest all the time for inspiration and just cute and interesting things!

I wonder… if I will ever finish school.

I regret… going into Computer Engineering to please my Grandpa (luckily that is changing this year)!

I love… my husband, my kitties, and my family and friends!

I never… thought I would be moving back to Colorado!

I ache… because I am lazy and really need to workout!

I always… have trouble sleeping at night and waking up early in the morning.

I usually… watch Golden Girls every night before bed (I blame the husband).

I am not… very happy lately. So ready to move out of the in-laws and have my husband all to myself.

I dance… when I am alone but never in front of anyone.

I sing… really loud in my car, usually to Kate Voegele or Taylor Swift.

I sometimes… worry too much, need to learn to go with the flow.

I cry… often lately, out of frustration mainly.

I am not always… sure of myself, I am still discovering who I am. I think this blog will help.

I lose… my phone while I am talking on it! Oh the joys of being stressed!

I am confused… on our plans when we move.

I need… to stop worrying what other people think, I only have one life and am going to live it the way I want. Plus I have a husband who loves me regardless!

I should… probably stop exploring the blog world and do my homework!



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